"The Solution" Feed System

"THE SOLUTION" is a wide range high capacity sodium hypochlorite feeder with a maximum out put of 1728 GPD.

"The only liquid bleach feeder that's not a pump. It is a vacuum."

It's revolutionary new design is safe and simple and eliminates all the common maintenance and equipment problems of current feeder technology.

"THE SOLUTION" (Model 22152-01) is a compact wall mounted, pre-plumbed, state of the art feeder, based on venturi feed (vacuum) rather than pressure.

Venturi feed action blends the chlorine into the water rather than simple squirt injection (metering pumps), thus delivering an even distribution throughout your system.

Operation of "THE SOLUTION" (Model 22152-01) requires controller automation, which is electrically connected to "The Solution's" solenoid valve. When the controller calls for chlorine, the solenoid valve opens allowing the venturi to simply draw the chlorine solution through the feeder.

This special Viton/Teflon coated solenoid valve is rated at two million cycles.

The feeder has an easy to read flow meter and a metering valve to adjust feed rates.

Construction consists of clear sched 40 PVC pipe with sched 80 PVC fittings. It is mounted on 3/8" PVC board which is mounted on fiberglass / pvc channel.

The entire feeder is designed to be corrosion resistant.

Basic "SOLUTION" unit dimensions: 24" high by 12" wide.

Shipping dimensions 12.5" high by 18.5" wide by 31.5" long

Shipping weight 27 lbs.

The only maintenance required for "THE SOLUTION" is simple 3 minute cleaning once a month. (Please see our Maintenance page under Technical Info)

Each "SOLUTION" comes with a full two year warranty. (Please see our Warranty page under Technical Info)

"THE SOLUTION" (Model 22152-01) is NSF/ANSI Standard 50 Certified 2/18/02 (National Sanitation Foundation)

PLEASE NOTE: "THE SOLUTION" is a professional grade feeder system for use by professional operators only.

"THE SOLUTION" is not for use with spas or hot tubs.

U.S. Patented